Tree Inspection & Survey

Tree Inspection, Insurance & Mortgage report services

House Insurers and Mortgage Lenders frequently insist that a tree survey is undertaken as part of a property sale.

We have designed an appropriately detailed template which allows us to provide a tree survey report within the very tight timescales that are often required. We will inspect the trees of concern and give detailed recommendations regarding their management

Tree Hazard Assessment

All our consultants have been trained, and maintain their awareness through Continuing Professional Development (CPD), to carry out hazard tree inspections and surveys, whether it be for a single tree or a large population of trees, for example on a country estate. Our services offer the tree owner ‘peace of mind’, shifting responsibility from them as land owners to us as professional consultants.

We are regularly instructed by estate owners who recognise their duty under the Occupiers Liability Act, the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Highways Act. Tree surveys are also undertaken for homeowners who might be anxious about a tree in their garden or whose insurers or mortgage lenders insist that an Arboriculturist is engaged.

Further guidance regarding tree hazard management can be found at NTSG Book

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